Jesus was accused, mistreated and hated – But how did He react?

In reflecting on Jesus I can only imagine all the stuff he had to deal with.  Every single day He was followed by multitudes of people.

Just think for a moment of them pulling at him, tearing at His clothes, calling out to Him, screaming at Him, trying to catch up with Him.  Imagine the complaints and arguments between the disciples.

What was His attitude though?

He chose an attitude of total abandonment to His Heavenly Father’s demands, nothing more.  God’s sole purpose in sending Jesus was to bridge the gap between mankind and God.  To establish a new covenant, a direct road for us to enter into His presence and be forgiven from our filth, be restored and be sent out to accomplish His will.

But it is important to note that Jesus never forces His way upon us. He is not like a thief that breaks into our home and holds us at gunpoint until we do what He says.  No, my dear friends, He doesn’t force us into His will with brutality and scorn. With one prayer to the Father Jesus could have forced millions of people into submission. But we do not see this picture of Jesus.  Instead, He wants us to knock at the door of His heart. When we do that, He is there for us and will lovingly help us and forgive us when we seek him in true repentance. Are you knocking at His heart today?

When we knock He answers.  Which takes me to consider how Jesus handled things, how was His attitude?  From reading the Bible, it is obvious to me that His attitude reflected complete submission to His Father’s will even as He carried out the difficult task of offering up His body as a living sacrifice.  Even though He was rejected, accused misinterpreted and spat on, His attitude never changed, it was an attitude of love and submission to His Fathers will.

It is amazing how many lessons we have to learn about Jesus but today, I reflected on His attitude and His love towards us.  I know that in my life; I have to repent daily as I don’t always exhibit His holy attitude.  The world and all of its garbage sometimes weigh down my heart and instead of acting out Jesus I act out junkBut God wants us to act out Jesus not junk.

Even when Jesus was bothered or correcting someone He did only as His Father had instructed Him.  His attitude was not selfish, demanding or prideful.  He acted only as God told Him because He knew exactly what the Father wanted him to do.

Well because He prayed daily and often had to leave the crowds, the noise, and the craziness to sit silently at His Fathers feet for instruction.

How often do we sit at His feet?  How often are we lost in His presence, crying out to Him for forgiveness and direction?

We can’t expect to be like Jesus, to have His holy attitude if we don’t spend time with Him in prayer.

We will always have trouble in our life and difficult circumstances and people that test our very commitment to God, but we must always seek to obey His calling and adjust our attitude to His instruction.

This message is not an easy one to swallow, I know.

I am choking right now at God’s amazing revelation in my life. I know that it is not easy to be continually refined and cleansed from impurity.

The fire burns as we pass through it, but the finished piece shines like a golden vessel ready to be filled with the precious will of the Father.

How is your attitude today towards others? 
Do you believe that God has a purpose in every situation He brings your way? 
Do you need an attitude adjustment so you can start acting out Jesus instead of acting out junk?

My prayer for us:

May we be dependent on the Lord as a nursing child depends on his mother.  May His words never depart from our heart and may the Glory of the Father be evident in our lives today and forever!  ©

God Bless you! – Mariana

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