Words for a Friend

In a dialogue with a friend who is going through a rather tough time I said the following and thought it was a great thing to share as God gave me His words to speak to my friend.  Sometimes we don’t know just how powerful our words are to others, be they words of peace and love or words of destruction and anger.  Be mindful each day of your words and of what things you allow into your heart.  Because as Jesus stated in Matthew, what you have inside abundantly is what will come out of your flapper (your mouth)!

Here is what I said to my friend:

“Trust God blindly and without question.  Let prayer become your new best friend and the bible your tutor.  Any and everything you go through, always bring it back to Christ in prayer and in the reading of the scriptures.”

Hoping you will have a greater revelation of the love and purpose of Christ in your life!

Signing off – Mariana 

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