Corporate or Christ Like?

Time and time again I hear the same complaints from friends of mine working in churches and Christian ministries.

Their complaint?  Well, it’s quite simple and quite sad if you ask me. It’s also a huge problem that we are all guilty of at some point in our Christian walk.

The issue is the call to live like Christ within the corporate world and how Christian people in management adopt corporate over Christ like behavior more often than not.

This is something that bothers me beyond what I can express on paper.  I could type all night and still not be able to express how distasful and horrible it is to see well meaning Christian leaders place their faith under their behinds and act out in ways that do not reflect the love, transparency and honesty of Christ.

I mean really.  Did Christ lie about things when he was asked a question?  Did he live his 3 year ministry pretending to be someone he was not for the sake of the Cross he had to one day endure.  Did he tell little white lies to not cause riots in the streets where he preached?  How about His disciples?  Where they hypocrites for the sake of the people they ministered to or those that were under their discipleship?
Then why on earth do we think its okay to act without honesty, transparency and love for our brothers and sisters in our workplace?  If we are truly followers of Christ we should be the same people at work, church and at home.

The way things are done in the corporate world is not necessarily how Christ would choose to accomplish things.  I often wonder how our Christ would walk around in the streets of NY City or Miami Beach, getting shoved around and made fun of because of His teachings at bus stops and public places.  He would probably be arrested as He was over 2000 years ago.  And we see clearly by reading the gospels that he did all the things his Father called him to do for the benefit of mankind regardless of the consequences.

The apostle Paul explained it like this:  “Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance.  It is the Lord Christ whom you serve” (Col. 3:23-24).  Christians in the workplace should be motivated by the desire to glorify God and to inspire others to desire to know him not push others away because of our false testimony.

In a book entitled Your Work Matters to God, Douglas Sherman and William Hendricks write:

“The key to bringing the culture and the church back together, to renewing the workplace and reforming the church—may well be a movement of people who are known for their hard work, for the excellence of their effort, for their honesty and unswerving integrity, for their concern for the rights and welfare of people, for the quality of the goods and services produced, for their leadership among coworkers—in short, for their Christ-likeness on and off the job.  What could an army of such workers accomplish?”

Friends, if you work in corporate America, don’t be corporate, be Christ like.  The whole world is watching you, both Christians and non Christians.  How you handle things in the office behind closed doors is Gods business too!  The people you may talk about, be upset at or intend on reprimanding unjustly are under the same sun as you and are part of God’s creation.  This is especially important to remember if God has gifted you with authority in your workplace.  Don’t think for a moment that God honors your corporate un-Christ like behavior.  If we follow Christ and are being discipled by Him, we are called to set aside the ways the world manages things and adopt Christ as our model and CEO.

Lots of Love – Mariana

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