What if we were to go back to childhood as we get older?

Capturing the world ((c))

Little babe capturing the world ((c)) @ the Middle of the World Monument

What if we were to go back to childhood as we get older?
Scamper in puddles, wet our faces, get our clothes dirty, feel the cool breeze as we roll down a hill.
Ring door bells and run away, laugh until we pee in our pants, well okay, maybe that is something we will do when we are older, so we can skip that one, lol.

But seriously. Return to the days of whimsical beauty. A child’s faith filled eyes, not a doubt in sight, not a mountain unclimbable.

Sometimes we waste the most of our years in unimaginable stupidity. We argue about what has been lost instead of treasuring what is right in front of us.

I don’t know about you, but this vessel wants to be filled with childlike beauty, the quiet whisper of a starry night, lightning bugs dancing past, dreams and hopes alive and beating….singing a song, mouthing lyrics misunderstood.

A childlike faith,
falling in love with life,
with god,
with the world.

After all, this dream we live will one day end. We will undoubtedly all wake up to the sober reality that we have either wasted our life completely or embraced it in all its splendor.



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