Confessions of Faith

((c)) A Walk on the beach
The storm is going to come. Whether you dress for it in advance, carry an umbrella with you or leave all your rain gear at home, it will come.
And how we react or what we do will make all the difference.
Sometimes in a storm we can’t help but feel helpless, frustrated, lost, cold and wet.
That is normal, we are imperfect human beings made from flesh and bone so we won’t always react in a perfect way, nor will we be prepared every time for what comes our way.

The beauty for me rests in the fact that although my world may be an inch away from falling apart, I can fall into the arms of a loving Father whom I have learned to rely on and trust. And although it may seem absolutely crazy to be at rest and at peace when everything is chaotic, I can because some battles are not meant for me to fight,
sometimes I just need to be still,
as the winds blow,
be still,
as the noise rages on
be still,
as the sea increases its fury,
be still
and know He watches over me while I sleep.

Circumstances may not be how I planned or envisioned them
but I will be alright
and after the storm has raged it’s fury
and the dark night has gone to sleep
I will arise triumphant
because the One who battled for me,
carried me through and through.

Then the sun will rise,
shine in all its glorious spender,
the birds will sing a melody of praise,
the winds that blew so fierce will dance gently around me,
and I will wipe my tears and exchange my mourning for gladness,
my sorrows for joy,
my brokenness for His peace,
and all will be well with my soul.


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