How much more are we than a snowflake?

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Does God see me?
Does he even know my name; what I have felt and endured.
My sadness, my sickness, my sorrows;
the pain hidden behind my smile.

I think that all of us at one point or another have asked these questions.
For some, these questions have led to a life of distrust and lost faith in a God we cannot see, feel or touch.
For others these questions have led to an even deeper faith and trust in God.

Sometimes the hardest part of having faith is letting go and trusting that an unseen power has the ultimate control of our life, and nothing we can say or do can interfere with his plans for us.

As I thought about this tonight I came across some absolutely stunning pictures.
Pictures of real snowflakes.
I reflected on the perfection and beauty of each snowflake.
Delicately crafted by the creator of the universe.
Just image the detail and love placed in the creation of each snowflake, each one displaying Gods radiance and splendid design.
How much more are we than a snowflake?
Our God, the designer of the universe finds pleasure in making each snowflake uniquely radiant.
And yet we his children wander the earth defeated and burdened down wondering where he is and why he hides his face from us.

Tonight I was reminded that he does not hide his face from his beloved.
He may be silent for a season but he is watching and still in control.
His blessings are all around us yet in our haste we miss out on them.

A snowflake, a river, a singing bird, a quiet stream all point to God’s marvelous hand and power.
We just need to listen, to be free from the constant noise our world throws at us. And when we lay still, we will be able to appreciate his graceful display of power and love in our life.

A snowflake, such a beautiful picture of God’s love for us.
A reminder that he cares even about the minute details of our life.

Let us then give thanks for our life, for breathing, for being able to smile even though sadness may crowd our hearts.
Let us give thanks for moments of stillness, when the world moves a mile a minute and God just rests besides us, waiting for us to let go and trust him.
Let us give thanks that his glory is evident even in a snowflake.

PS – for an amazing collection of snowflake pictures click here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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