Bullying, Violence & the Degradation of Innocence – A Sad Reality

**WARNING – language and adult content portrayed in the video below**

Today I had an hour-long phone call with a friend of mine who is a single mom with two children.  She was explaining to me how her son was out in their neighborhood playing with the kids and all of a sudden things turned bad.  One of the kids proceeded to lower his pants and start peeing on my friend’s son. 

One thing led to another and my friend’s son found himself on the floor being beaten and kicked as other kids videotaped the fight on their phones.  A brave teenager who lived nearby arrived on the scene and intervened. 

My friend’s son walked away soaking wet, bruised, beaten up and bleeding.  The kid who attacked him also bit him which caused severe bleeding.  My friend ended up taking her son to the hospital and was told to file a report with the police which she had not done out of fear and also not wanting to get her neighbor’s son in trouble. 

This type of story makes me sick to my stomach.  The part that disturbs me the most is that while my friend’s son was being physically attacked, bitten and beaten, other children were watching and videotaping the event on their phones. 

In thinking about this sick reality it makes me ask the question:
What are we doing wrong with our kids?  How far have we come as a society that children find enjoyment in watching other children be mistreated and hurt?  It’s these children that later grow up addicted to pornography and some of them actually live out their fantasies by raping women and children. 

Parents we need to wake up and wake up fast or the little babies that one day rested in our arms may just find themselves resting behind a prison cell. 

Everything we do and say is recorded in their little minds from the time they are born.  Everything we allow them to see be it on TV or with friends is also recorded and imitated. 

The incidences of childhood violence are on the rise which I find related to the increase of visual stimulation and electronic devices. 

Kids these days are glued like zombies on their iPods or iPhone.  They are in a trance with earplugs, streaming the latest music with lyrics like the ones we hear from R&B artist Rihanna and Eminem in the below video:
“(Your) just gonna stand there and watch me burn, but that’s alright because I like the way it hurts”

Listening to this song makes me cry, feel nauseous and brings me back to a place where I was the girl in the song, being hit and yelled at in the name of love.  He would hit me, then start crying and say he was sorry. He would tell me:
“It’s just you and I, and we fight because we love each other.”
“YOU MADE ME HIT YOU”, he would scream while I cried uncontrollably trying to calm him down.  We lived the crazy Bonnie and Clyde relationship which left me bruised and broken inside for over a decade.  It distorted my view on love and pushed me to change the way I dealt with people.

Thank God that His love is amazing and after suffering in silence for so many years God was able to help me get through my painful past although ashes still remain the fire has died out and I am one step closer to being whole again. 

But today, there are girls and boys who will encounter similar abuse and not escape alive.  This is an emergency people.  We can no longer stand on the sidelines while our kids absorb all the crap the world has to offer them. 
We are called to a higher standard of parenting.  If we don’t work closely with our children, our community, our churches, and other families to stop bullying, violence and the loss of innocence then we might as well just abandon our kids on the street and let them take care of their own life. 

When we let the internet, music, TV, bad friendships, seductive clothing, and magazines govern the lives of our children, it’s just the same as abandoning them on a street corner.  So spare yourself the expenses and just abandon them from now! (I am obviously using rude humor, but you get the point.)

As a parent, we must be involved in the lives of our children.  This means making difficult decisions and guarding them against bad choices when they are young while planting seeds of wisdom so when they are older they will be able to make their own wise choices. 

The story at the beginning of this article could happen to anyone’s child.  As parents, we have to be involved in the lives of our kids and make sure we are not allowing them to be involved in things that feed into the dark and nasty world of bullying and violence we see spiraling out of control in our schools, university campuses, and workplaces. 

As parents, we must stop being passive and uninformed.  You can meet with your local school, church or community to work together against this growing problem.  The future of our children is counting on brave parents that will take a stand for what is right and will enculturate their children with Godly values and teach them about forgotten things like forgiveness, honesty, modesty, purity, respect, honor, courage etc…

Will you take a stand? 

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Lots of Love – Mariana