Prayers & Help For Our Family

Dear friends and family.

Thanks in advance for taking a moment to read this quick letter. My family especially the kids thank you too!
As some of you know these past few years have been quite a journey for us, these past 18 months being some of the most intense.

After injuring his tailbone Jose (my husband) ended up needing an emergency surgery and several days hospitalization.
Unfortunately the surgical procedure they performed did not work out well so something that would have been a quick fix ended up being 4 emergency surgeries with many days in the hospital.
Jose spent over a year unable to sit, drive, work and lead a regular life. As a result we fell very behind on all of our bills and had to pull our children out of the school they were attending.  
Since I work from home we thought homeschooling was a great option but given my fulltime work schedule this has been impossible and we had to hire the help of outside resources and tutors to assist in the homeschooling process.
Since November 2014, Jose starting to resume normal activities thank God but he still bleeds daily from an operated area that has not yet healed. From what we know this process can take a long time and multiple surgeries to correct. At this time we are prayerfully considering our next steps but a few things are evident, we need to help our kids go back to a normal school life and we need to be able to provide food, shelter and pay off hospital bills and loans we had to take out while Jose was unable to work.
Falling behind financially has been difficult on all of us for many reasons, most too embarrassing to share.
Yet in spite of all our woes we have grown as a family and have never gone a day without eating at least one meal a day. So for that we are thankful.

Today I wanted to ask you to keep us in your prayers as we:
-try and find Jose a job that will accommodate to his recovering body,

-raise the needed funds to send our 3 kids to school next year &
-work though some health issues I have been battling these past few years.

I also want to ask if you can you help us raise enough funds to pay for some basic needs including the registration and school fees for our children this upcoming school year.
It is heartbreaking for me as a mom to know that in a world with millions of resources, we can’t afford to give our kids some basic freedoms or send them to a decent school or enroll them in anything extracurricular.

Our girl, she is a natural dancer and gymnast. She has never taken a class or been in a club for her talent yet she excels in our back yard all alone jumping up and down on two bars her dad put up a few years ago. She asks me every month if we will ever be able to afford to send her to an academy where she can refine a talent she already shines at.
My answer is not what she likes to hear, but mom says “it’s a matter of priorities and dancing, learning the piano or gymnastics simply isn’t”. She cries sometimes, she is the sensitive one, and she complains often about homeschooling but we work through it and all is well until she asks again.
Then there’s our oldest, the very gifted and sweet teen who has managed to grasp and successfully take 10th grade material while only being in 8th
 grade this year. His tutor says he has intelligence and wisdom beyond his years and hopes he can get into a good school where he can maximize his potential.
Now the little one, he keeps us on our toes. He’s five and full of energy and also misses being in school.
They have always been in a good private school until this past school year. Unfortunately we do not qualify for any of the government scholarships out there due to a few restrictions and public school attendance.

We are hoping to bring back some normal things to our life and having the kids in a good school is one of those things.
We need to raise over $20,000 for some basic needs, school fees, uniforms and registration fees. The amount is actually higher than that but we hope to be able to pay at least 30% -40% from our income, leaving a substantial portion of this need up in the air.

If you would like to gift us with anything towards this 20k goal you can do so by depositing funds into my 
PayPal account or by mailing us a check.
Please leave a comment below with your email address if you want to mail a check and I will reply with our mailing information. 
Please note that PayPal charges a percentage for each deposit so a check is a better option if possible.

Thank you in advance for reading this letter and for any help you can offer. Feel free to share this with your friends and family if they would like to help. We have until mid-summer 2015 to raise funds. 
Blessings to you and yours from all of us!

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