My Love Affair with Lemon – Mom Confessions

I know, I know, the title is catchy isn’t it?  I don’t know what to say, I just love lemons.  I made my self a hot cup of organic herbal tea and I could not help but squeeze the lights out of my poor lemon until every single drop of sourness and vitamin C was in my cup. It does not hurt to say that lemons contain high amounts of vitamin C more so then limes, so if you have a cold it is probably a good idea to brew some tea and use a lemon or two, sweeten with some raw honey or coconut sugar and you’re good to go. 

Lemon, in my opinion, puts the pizzazz on any lame dish, gives your cup of tea the final touch of excellence, makes seafood dishes pop and on a hot summer day a good old glass of lemonade quenches the wickedest of thirsts.

And there my friend is the juice of the matter, the silver lining, the hidden nugget of gold.  In analyzing my love for lemons I came to the realization that for a great part of my life I have had a love affair with my favored lemon.  Let me explain.

When life seems perfect, peace permeates my soul, laughter fills the air and the sun is shining, it is not too long before the clouds roll in, the lighting starts and I am soaking wet.  My peace has, on more than one occasion taken a detour and left me.  The laughter has turned to tears and that big thing called the sun, well, it has hidden its face from me and left me with cloudy dark days.  Some of those days filled with bitterness, depression, anxiety, fear, and pain.

In those brief moments, I have questioned God’s perfect plan, cried out to Him in anger, lost faith, lost hope and laid there, in the rain.  Soaking wet, shivering, cold and afraid.

And then the days, weeks and months go by and when I least expected it; I saw a glimpse of sunlight.  Flooded gardens with dead flowers began to bloom again, laughter and joy returned and the experience I endured while in the dark valley served me for a higher purpose.
In my trials and suffering,
in the times of bitterness and despair,
the fruit of Gods Holy Spirit has blossomed.
And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that,
those sour lemons were placed in my life to compliment Gods beautiful creation,
his beloved daughter.

These have been the moments I have had a love affair with Lemon.

Like the fruit, we all know and love compliments a great dish or savory drink, so do God’s trials and times of suffering in our life.  If it weren’t for the lemons in our life we would be cold, selfish, ungodly people.  Unable to show compassion, mercy, and grace.

It is not always easy to live through constant trials when you are serving the Lord but don’t lose hope, my friend.  When you least expect it, you will see that in the death your soul has experienced, His life has been resurrected in you!

Praise God for Lemons!!!

Lots of Love – Mariana