Mid Morning Reflections – If I Wake up and Can Still Breathe

If I wake up and can still breathe, I will make every effort to smile more, argue less and love God with all of my heart, mind, and body.  

If I wake up and can still breathe, I will make every effort to treasure goodnight kisses and pretty pictures that my kids draw for me on a daily basis. I’ll pray more and ask God to increase my patience and wisdom so that I will know how to raise the children he has gifted me for a few short years.

If I wake up and can still breathe I will share morning hugs and nighttime kisses every day with my beloved and never go to sleep with anger in my heart.

If I wake up and can still breathe I won’t let moments pass without telling the people I love how important they are to me.

If I wake up and can still breathe I will pray so that I can see Jesus in every person I meet and never push aside someone who is in need.

If I wake up and can still breathe I will admire this beautiful earth that God created and praise him every time I see a butterfly dance in front of me. I will embrace the radiant rays of the sun and be thankful for the rain that cleanses the earth.

If I wake up and can still breathe, I will never forget that we only get one chance to live and live well.

A few weeks ago as we sat in church for a service to remember our brother who died and went to be with Jesus; I thought long and hard on my life.
I cried and felt a little bit closer to God, knowing that I too am dust and one day just like everyone else, this earthly vessel will return to dust. I cried as I thought of my father who also was taken suddenly and without reason or warning. I reflected on his life and the legacy he left.  I wondered silently, what legacy I would leave when I am no longer here. 

Sometimes we just don’t know how long a person has left with us. We waste time in senseless arguments and judgments that don’t belong to us when all God wants us to do is live and live for his glory.

Tomorrow may be too late and today may never come so let us live our life as if it were a gift and then give that gift away every day! Let us live knowing that we need Jesus and his transforming love in our life. With him, all things that were created came to be and in him, we have everlasting life.

My Prayers are with you Aurora Colorado

We are a family that stays away from TV.  We have a TV but if it gets turned on, it’s usually to watch a movie on DVD or an old VHS movie.  

Yesterday when we were shopping at WholeFoods the gentleman in the meat area asked my husband if he had heard of the news about a shooting in Colorado.  My husband turned to me as I looked through the things in our cart.  I only half heard what he was asking and shrugged my shoulders and head as if to say no. 

The kids were carrying on asking: “Mommy can I have this, look mommy, look over here” so I really did not understand what he was asking me at first… 

“Shooting” I said to him, “no I did not know of anything like that.”  The gentleman in the meat area then went on to explain to us what happened. 

How tragic I thought to myself, my heart sank for moment.  But it was not until this morning as I was driving into work, amidst rain and slow traffic that it hit me.  I felt a deep pain in my heart and started to cry.  I kept thinking of the mother of the young man who is responsible for shooting and killing 12 people and injuring over 50 in Aurora Colorado. I thought about the dear parents who lost children and all of the people who lost someone or who are caring for someone who was injured the day of the shooting.  I thought about my own children, their sweet innocence and how I would feel if at this moment they were no longer here.  I cried even more. 

It’s a hard thing to grasp and understand.  So many questions remain unanswered about why this young man did what he did.  There are no words of consolation I can offer for those that have lost someone they love.  However, I can pray and will continue to pray for Gods healing balm to cover the broken hearted.  Brothers and sisters in Aurora Colorado, I don’t know who you are but know that you have a sister in Florida that is praying for you. 

I know how it feels to loose a loved one tragically and without warning.  It’s a crippling sensation in your gut that can leave you broken and angry. 

My prayer is that Gods peace which surpasses all human understanding would be with you and guard you.  My deepest condolences go out to those who have suffered through this tragic event.  I will continue to pray for you in the days to come. 

And for the rest of us who stand by and watch as this story unfolds, let us not forget for a moment that our life on this earth is like a vapor.  One moment its here and another moment it’s gone.  We know not the day when our clock will tick its last bit and we will be summoned home. 

News like this reminds me to stop majoring on the minors and truly live each day as God has planned for me, not wasting any time in selfish arguments and unimportant tasks.

Life in our physical bodies is God’s gift to us if we accept His redeeming love and salvation.  It’s life for our soul and a promise of his eternal love for us.  Let us not waist time on the foolishness of the world that surrounds us, let us instead seek to know God truly, understand His will for our life and commit to following Him so that through his Spirit and by His grace we can impact a hurting world that is desperate to know of His love.

The words from 2 survivors of this shooting sums this post up beautifully.

With a heavy heart for those who are now suffering,