I Need to Get this Off My Chest – Paying Attention To The Deeper More Important Things

As I mom and just a plain old gal, I feel the need to stand up and speak out about the world’s concept of beauty and our own superficiality, emptiness, identity, and broken hearts.  Most concerning is the message the world is sending to our girls.  “Buy this and you’ll be beautiful.”  “Use this lipstick and you’ll be desirable.”  Every day a young girl and or grown woman decides to take her life because of the feeling that she is not worth anything and that she doesn’t fit the mark of perfection drawn out for us by mainstream society. 

However, we (men and women) are not defined by fashion, money, beauty or social status. Our worth and value come from the loving Father in heaven who created us in His sight and according to His image and likeness! But there will always be people who take extreme care of their bodies and freak out about every single calorie that is eaten. Or they indulge in every single calorie in an effort to satisfy a deeper hunger.  

Being a health and wellness educator and researcher I understand this all too well because before God transformed me I found myself really consumed with my physical appearance.  I recall going to the gym every single day and spending 2 or more hours a day just to have the perfect body. At times even if I was sick I just could not skip going because in essence, my workouts were one of my idols.  And behind those idols were lots of things that I had not yet confessed and given up to my savior. Not that working out is bad, on the contrary, eating healthy, exercising and resting is good for our bodies but has very little impact on our souls.

Too often we are fixated with appearance and how we look on the outside. We try and compensate for how we feel on the inside by how we dress and act on the outside. That’s why so many people overeat, vomit their food and starve themselves because there is a deep wound on the inside, a scared child that has been masked by external things like food or lack of food which has no impact on the real problem. I must say that it is good to keep your body healthy because by doing so you will live longer and be able to accomplish whatever God has placed you on this earth to do. But no, your body is not everything because one day it will be eaten away by worms when you leave this earth.

It is unfortunate how many girls both young and old struggle with the feeling of not being beautiful and accepted in society and even in their own families.  They go through life aimlessly wandering trying every new clothing item, makeup, relationship and fad all in an effort to try to satisfy a need that only our heavenly Father can fill. This breaks my heart.

If I had a loudspeaker where the whole world could hear me, I would say the following:
It’s only when we understand the purpose for our lives and we remove the blinders, the need to be perfect, have financial status, the obsession with fashion for the wrong reasons, and superficiality that we are truly gorgeous in Gods sight.  And these changes can only come about by allowing Gods love to pour into our souls and by giving Him all that ties us to the world’s concept of how we should live our life.  After we accept His love and give him all that we are, we must repent for our sins so he can restore us and make us new.  Only then are we able to receive all that was planned for us to have from the day we were created, and once that beauty is discovered and accepted it will radiate from the inside out.

So please pay attention to the deeper more important things. Seek the help of a friend or counselor. Pray and ask God to reveal any hidden idols keeping you tied to the world’s standards. Remember, we are called to be in the world but not of it. We are also told: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world.”

Regardless of where you are spiritually, know that those things that you can’t handle, you can give to God, the handler of all things ugly and difficult!
Lots of Love Mariana