After Gods Heart

If we want to drive, we have to take driving classes, if we want to fly a plane we have to go to school and get our pilot license. If we want to be a cook, we must go to culinary school. No one can do it for us. We cant expect to use someone elses degree, someone elses experience or someone elses story.

Its the same with God. If we want to know Him we have to learn about Him, study about His stories, learn them and dissect the bible piece by piece until we understand through the help of the Holy Spirit who God is and what His will is for us.

Its not enough to go to church and ride off of the Pastors faith, its not enough to hide under our spouses relationship with God or attend bible studies. We must have our own relationship with the creator of heaven and earth and test everything in our life against His word to see if its correct.

To learn about God and to follow Him requires EVERYTHING we are as He gave His everything on the Cross.
Help us God give you our everything everyday!