Responding to a quote on marriage by Dr James Dobson

“Early Mosaic law made it clear that the emotional well-being of a wife is the specific responsibility of her husband. It was his job to “cheer” her. It still is!”
-Dr. James Dobson

My Response:

“…and the two shall become one flesh…” Genesis. “…no one ever hated their own body, but they feed and care for the body, just as Christ does the church…” Ephesians.
Many problems arise in marriage because both parties do not understand the true meaning of this sacred union. Marriage is to be for Gods glory and it’s the only earthly institution that reflects Christ’s love and relationship with his bride, the church. We are one with our spouse so we should seek to love and nurture the relationship because we are one and no one would hate their own body as Ephesians 5 states. 

When a Christian husband rejects, dishonors and does not treat his bride with love he is misrepresenting Christ’s relationship with the church. The New Testament is very clear on the roles of husband and wife. We don’t get married to have kids, be financially secure, prosper or to be happy. The only reason for marriage is to reflect Jesus Christ to the world and glorify God as a unit. Something both men and women fail at greatly.

To read an amazing book on marriage check out: This Momentary Marriage by John Piper.
Blessings to everyone.